I guess I’ve been on hiatus this whole time

hello everyone! this is gonna be quick

My mental health has always been a roller coaster but I would say it’s been on an especially terrible decline for a while now and I’m pretty sure I’ve hit bottom. At least I’m hoping this is the bottom. I would think the emergency room is the bottom. I realize I need to relax the expectations I have of myself –specifically those relating to keeping up this blog- and take a moment to remember how to eat and sleep like a regular person. And I need to go back to therapy. I haven’t been there in a while.

I don’t feel like going into any more detail about it. My brain has been a very sad and scary place to be for a long time now and I need time to take care of it.

I’ll be back soon.

Thank you for reading.


from the archives

DSCN1349 (1)
a raddish and novelty carpeting 
DSCN1387 (2)
i brought a knife to a glue gun fight
battle of ceramic mask ruins 
jar/hand/googly eyes

I did some belated spring cleaning today! I decided the only way to motivate myself to get through it would be to make a photo project out of it. I built a backdrop out of two pieces of white bristol paper and some illustration board and put together the pieces as randomly as I could while still maintaining some unification. The only rule was that the items used in each photo had to come from the same area and I could NOT pull items from other parts of my room even if I felt it would fit in the frame perfectly. Use only what’s close. The result was a series of still life-esque photographs that really give you a good look into the kind of things I’ve been keeping tucked away in my drawers and bookshelves. I might try this again soon, I definitely liked putting whatever composition skills I have to some use. I also love everything I own. I can’t believe how much stuff I keep.

I call this From The Archives.

I hope you’re having a nice day!

4 things i love right now

things i luv

this text post by thisishangingrockcomics on tumblr (im not on tumblr anymore, i used to be and then i deleted last year. but every once in a while i remember really great text posts that i loved and i go looking for them!)


anything Ugo Rondinone does but especially his word work. we are definitely poems.

>>>>this ted talk! i cant post videos here but i hold this particular ted talk very near and dear to my heart! here’s the summary TED has for this talk: Beware: Rives has a contagious obsession with 4 a.m.  At TED2007, the poet shared what was then a minor fixation with a time that kept popping up everywhere. After the talk, emails starting pouring in with an avalanche of hilarious references—from the cover of “Crochet Today!” magazine to the opening scene of “The Metamorphosis.” A lyrical peek into his Museum of Four in the Morning, which overflows with treasures.

it’s poetry if i’ve ever heard any

Image result for our deal best coast

Our Deal by Best Coast (that’s a frame from the music video!)


let’s just agree that brawd sounds cooler

looking for something
ive never heard of any of these drugs
yea i am so
it’s your guy
lean in
butt soft
of course (not)
looking for something pt. 2

It was my 4th time at The Broad, Elie’s 2nd time, and Christian’s 1st! And yea, that dude is totally Christian, I know the mustache can really throw you off but it’s totally him I made sure of it.

Anyway I have some ideas for projects? I’m also very tired. We’ll see what happens.

Hope everyone is having a good time!

and a note that I just came up with: crediting artists that are in big-deal museums shouldn’t be completely necessary? I always try my best to credit an artist that isn’t well known, especially local artists and artists of color, but this is The Broad! Keith Haring and Jeff Koons etc don’t need me to hype them up on my tiny blog. Also, the internet can tell you what’s what at The Broad/other museums. Thanks!